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The temper of the Taurus woman is very calm. She is always restrained, measured, and thoughtful; she will never allow herself a sharp verbal attack or insult to another person. At the same time, she will not tolerate such an attitude towards herself. Her beauty is harmoniously combined with willpower and angelic patience. She rarely loses her temper, and, as a rule, these outbursts of anger are short-lived. However, do not test her patience; her appearance can be deceiving; it is not infinite. The Taurus woman does not forgive insults; she is vindictive and unbearable if attacks on her self-esteem occur regularly.

She prefers to be conquered and will appreciate being treated like a queen. The chosen one will have to learn not only patience but also to enjoy the romantic games that Taurus Woman likes so much.

Usually, a romance that is too fast-paced, filled with unbridled passion, at first is repelled by her. However, if the partner shows patience and tries to extend the time, she will become his reliable companion, whom he can always rely on.

Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Capricorn

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Moon is traveling through Capricorn today. Make a list of goals. Work overtime. Climb higher. Don't sulk.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 20° Taurus 59' 41"
Moon 12° Aquarius 28' 08"
Mercury 06° Taurus 14' 03" R
Venus 04° Cancer 45' 34"
Mars 25° Cancer 05' 06"
Jupiter 28° Aries 54' 14"
Saturn 06° Pisces 07' 14"
Uranus 19° Taurus 03' 34"
Neptune 27° Pisces 01' 52"
Pluto 00° Aquarius 20' 24" R
Chiron 17° Aries 53' 36"
TrueNode 03° Taurus 55' 34" R