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Taurus woman + Scorpio man: famous couples and compatibility

The Scorpio man is distinguished from other signs by three main extreme passions: determination, love, and vindictiveness. If a Scorpio sets a goal, nothing will stop him. If he falls in love, then he burns himself and incinerates his partner to the last spark.

The representative of Taurus is an example of femininity, practicality, wisdom. She has common sense and knows how to separate feelings and reason.

Astrologers believe. that the union of male Scorpio and female Taurus is fundamental. Despite numerous contradictions, natural magnetism is felt between them. They understand each other not only from a half-glance but also from a half-word.

Jealousy can be a serious obstacle to happiness – both signs are terrible owners. When they are apart for a long time, mistrust takes over the voice of reason, which leads to scandals.

Famous Taurus and Scorpio couples

Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman 💔

celebrity taurus scorpio couples

Ethan is Scorpio and Uma is Taurus. They have met in 1996 on the movie set when they both already was big deals in Hollywood. Very soon they married – in 1998 and welcomed their first daughter, 4 years later – son. Unfortunately, probably due to very tight schedules there were marriage problems that developed in split in 2003 and following divorce finalized in 2005.

After divorce they both felt lost and depressed, but lately could recover and find new partners.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott 💔

famous couples scorpio taurus

Tori is Taurus and Dean is Scorpio. They have met in 2005 when they both were still married and got physical right away. In 2006 they both finalized their divorces and could tie a knot together.

The couple have 5 kids together. In 2023 they split and apparently are heading to divorce.

Melanie Lynskey and Jimmi Simpson 💔

famous scorpio man taurus woman couples

Melanie in Taurus, and Jimmi is Scorpio. In 2001 they met while filming in a mini-series and became friends. But friendship turned into romance and in 2005 Jimmi proposed. In 2007 they got married.

Unfortunately, in 2012 the couple divorced. We don’t know reasons, but we know that it was very amicable process and they both remain friends.

Few years later Jimmi found new love – a Libra lady.

Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard 💔

famous scorpio taurus couples

Jessica is Taurus (although she was born in Aries-Taurus cusp, her horoscope is dominated by Sun sign of Taurus) and Sam was Scorpio. They have met in 1982 on a film set and Shepard was overwhelmed with desire to marry her. In 1983 he proposed, but later he admitted that it was sad for him that he had to leave his family behind for Jessica. They never married, but were together till 2009 and have two kids. After they split they still were friends.

In her interview Lange said: “I wouldn’t call Sammy easygoing and funny, but everybody has their dark side, and he always does it with a sense of humor” – I’d said this is typical Scorpio we are talking about, right?

Sofia Coppola and Thomas Mars ❤️

taurus and scorpio celebrity couples
Sofia Coppola and Thomas Mars

Sofia is Taurus, and Thomas is Scorpio. The couple met in 2003 when Sofia was filming her movie Lost in Translation, and Thomas’s band Phoenix performed the film’s soundtrack. They liked each other, and she asked him to perform soundtracks for her next several films, and in one of them, he even starred. In 2005, feelings arose between the partners, and soon they started dating. The couple lived in France, welcomed two children, and only in 2011, they got married. The union continues to live as a big happy family and to cooperate professionally.

Malin Åkerman and Jack Donnelly ❤️

taurus scorpio famous couples
Malin Åkerman and Jack Donnelly

Malin is Taurus, and Jack is Scorpio. The couple met long before their relationship began, as Jack is a friend of her sister’s boyfriend. However, the two knew each other for many years, and a spark did not immediately arise between the partners. Still, at some point, Malin began to notice that she liked Jack, and he was incredibly beautiful in her eyes. When they started dating, Malin was already divorced and had a son from her first marriage. In 2017, the partners announced their engagement, and the following year they got married on the beach in a cozy ceremony with their closest friends and relatives.

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