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When you first meet a Cancer woman, you will find that she can be flirty, but there is nothing flashy or catchy about her. Gentle, feminine, sympathetic, seductive – she will be a good life partner and an excellent wife. Behind the external shyness of a Cancer woman, there is a storm of passions that you just need to wake up.

Trust is very important for her in a relationship. The Cancer woman is cautious about giving her heart; more than anything in the world, she needs love and protection. She is ready to grab hold of the one who will provide her reliability and peace of mind.

Cancer woman willingly hides behind broad male shoulders and prefers partners with a pronounced defender instinct. Of course, she masterfully owns the art of seduction, and like no one else, loves to play the role of a damsel in distress. The representative of this sign always knows what she wants and achieves this in all possible ways.

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Moon in Capricorn

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Moon is traveling through Capricorn today. Make a list of goals. Work overtime. Climb higher. Don't sulk.

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