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Virgos (August 22 – September 22) are masters of organization and seek perfection in everything. And this means that the partner must also be perfect. Or at least strive for it. Their attraction to the opposite sex lies in their dedication, willingness to work on relationships. Virgo has good compatibility in love and marriage with those signs of the zodiac, which, like them, are distinguished by reliability, responsibility, and devotion.

Virgo always strives for perfect love, in which souls, minds, and bodies merge together. She not only knows who she is looking for, but she does not soften her requirements even when the search for the other half is delayed. This is why Virgo has gained a reputation for being too demanding. Such a selective approach leads to the fact that she finds marital happiness relatively late, and sometimes even remains alone.

Having found her ideal, she gives herself to him without a trace. In a partnership, there is no division into “mine” and “yours” for her. Virgo believes in love for life, her oaths of loyalty to her future spouse are absolutely sincere. The collapse of hopes in love is destructive for her. Divorce or betrayal is incredibly difficult for her.

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Moon in Pisces

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Pisces days sharpens intuitive abilities with unprecedented intensity. There is an increased sensitivity to the opinions of other people. Pisces days are perfect for any artistic endeavor, so it's time to pursue ideas that require creativity. Trust your intuition more.

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