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Among all the signs of the zodiac, Cancer man has exceptional sensitivity. It is very easy for such people to be hurt and offended by not so harsh criticism. They quickly become attached to people and show it openly. They have superbly developed intuition, with the help of which they manage to cope with stressful situations.

Cancer men are happy to help those in need and try not to create conflict situations. Representatives of this zodiac sign do not make quick decisions. They need to think carefully about everything, weigh the pros and cons; only after that, a verdict will be delivered. Cancer man takes everything to heart and, in any danger, hides in its protective “shell.” From such an emotional state, it can only be pulled out by affection, kindness, and a loving attitude.

Cancers are excellent family men; they turn out to be gorgeous, affectionate and understanding husbands who prefer to solve existing problems in relationships.

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Moon in Leo

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Moon is traveling through Leo today. Shine and be proud! You rule right now!

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