Zodiac Couples

Aries Woman

Aries woman pays a lot of attention to her appearance. Self-infatuation often comes to narcissism. But others will have to come to terms with this since the Aries Woman is used to living by the demands of her strong personality. Her hot blood and energetic temperament are evident in her personal life. Therefore, it is natural for Aries Woman to prefer types of relationships that are filled with passion. A man with little initiative has no chance to create a couple with her.

A woman born under the sign of Aries needs a confident partner who will be her equal in strength of character. To maintain the heat, he needs to surprise her often. Such a pace can only be ensured by a man whose sign energy is not weaker than that of a temperamental partner.

A cozy house with a family hearth will not force Aries female to change herself. However, a strong man has a chance to tame her a little and make her more flexible.

Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Cancer

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Moon is traveling through Cancer today. Beware of mood swings. Cook some soul food. Cuddle up with someone.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 29° Pisces 15' 56"
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TrueNode 15° Aries 44' 58" R