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Zodiac signsGemini

It is important for Gemini (May 20 – June 20) to feel fresh feelings in a relationship. This bright zodiac sign appreciates intelligence and curiosity in a partner. To win their hearts, you need to be spontaneous. By nature, they are sometimes like children; they love to have fun and laugh. Gemini has good compatibility in love and marriage with those signs of the zodiac, which, like them, are inquisitive and can stimulate their interest in life.

Often their relationships are born of friendship built on common interests. If you have something to talk to Gemini about and keep up with their mind, then your chances of success are high. And if you share their constant hovering in the clouds, then the chances are doubled.

They do not see anything objectionable in changing partners in personal relationships, or cheating on their chosen one – any changes and thrills in life serve for them as a kind of emotional nourishment, which is merely necessary for unemotional Gemini.

Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Virgo

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This period rewards people with special sensitivity, the ability to concentrate thoughts on objects. This should be used to experience absolute inner peace and harmony. You can make many positive changes in life: planning future activities, successfully sorting out the problems by analyzing the reasons. You can use intuition, and life questions will be resolved. Moon in Virgo recommends listening to yourself better.

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