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Zodiac signsPiscesPisces man + Scorpio woman: Celebrity Couples and Compatibility

Pisces man + Scorpio woman: Celebrity Couples and Compatibility

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Love relationships between a Pisces man and a Scorpio woman are not uncommon. They often fall in love with each other from the first meeting and begin a relationship. Both signs of the zodiac belong to the water element, which speaks of the depth of their feelings, a similar perception of the world, and outlook on life. Their compatibility is at a very high level, which promises them a long and strong relationship.

The Scorpio woman will be the pair’s leader, but the Pisces man is not worried about this. He strives to shift the responsibility to someone else. Therefore he chooses a decisive, serious, hardy partner ready to take the lead in their relationship. The Scorpio woman is considered an ideal sign since it is difficult to find a more morally strong sign.

In a relationship, a man will show himself as romantic, showing love and care. He is slightly fickle and shows silliness. The Scorpio woman is the only one who can easily cope with this. To avoid conflicts, she should be careful with what she says since the man is very vulnerable and takes everything to heart.

Famous Pisces man + Scorpio woman couples

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore 💔

famous scorpio woman pisces man couples
Bruce Willis and Demi Moore

Bruce is Pisces, and Demi is Scorpio. The couple met in the summer of 1987 at a movie preview. Demi was then accompanying her fiancé, and Bruce was a guest. At the afterparty, Bruce asked her to write her number on his hand. Demi broke up with her fiancé shortly thereafter and soon began a relationship with Bruce. The couple got married in Las Vegas after four months of dating. They had three children, and in 1993 there were rumors of relationship problems due to the busy schedules of partners. In 1998, the couple announced their separation, and the divorce was completed in 2000. They lived separately for several months, and after the divorce, Demi left publicity for a while and devoted time to raising her daughters. The couple did an amazing job on themselves and remained one family. They didn’t force children to choose. All the holidays are still spent together, and the family also spent the 2020 lockdown time together. Moore communicates well with Bruce’s current wife, and he, in turn, sincerely supports all his ex-wife’s ambitions.

Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell ❤️

pisces man scorpio woman famous couples
Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell

Steve was Pisces, and Laurene is Scorpio. They met in 1989 when Steve was giving a lecture at Stanford Business School, and one of the audience members was Laurene. After the lecture, he caught up with her in the parking lot and asked her out, canceling his business meeting. A year and a half later, the couple got married in 1991. In the marriage, they had three children. Steve became a good father and an exemplary family man. He managed to combine business and personal life. The couple led a calm and ordinary life. In 2003, he was diagnosed with cancer, and since he refused hospital treatment and opted for alternative medicine, he died at home in 2011. Doctors say the cancer was curable, but Steve made the wrong choice.

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Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian 💔

famous scorpio and pisces couples
Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian

Kris is Scorpio, and Robert was Pisces. The couple met in 1973 at the racetrack. For Robert, it was love at first sight, but 17-years-old Kris was dating a professional golfer at the time. Since her boyfriend lived in the city and was often not around, she started an affair with Robert. On one of these evenings, a boyfriend unexpectedly arrived and found her with another man. The relationship ended, and a new one began. Robert twice called Kris to marry, but she was young and ambitious and did not want to burden herself with marriage. The second time she agreed, and the couple married in 1978.

They had four children. The couple had a wonderful family, Robert was an excellent lawyer and provided everything for them, and Kris became a housewife. The once young, ambitious girl became bored and started an affair. When everything was revealed, Robert canceled her credit cards and filed for divorce in 1991. Despite the unpleasant parting, the couple remained good friends. In 2003, Robert died, and Kris’s main regret was cheating on him and their divorce.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell ❤️

celebrity scorpio pisces couples
Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell

Goldie is Scorpio, and Kurt is Pisces. They met in 1966 on the set of a Disney movie, but at the time, both were too young for a relationship and did not want to date the actors. Their next meeting was in 1983. The partners worked together on the movie Swing Shift and went on a date after work. Since then, the couple began to live together. Goldie already had two children from a previous marriage, and in 1986 she and Kurt greeted their son together. The couple is not married to this day, but they already have grandchildren. The secret of their marriage is support and sharing of responsibilities. They believe that it was the lack of marriage that made their relationship so strong.

Other Scorpio woman and Pisces man celebrity couples

pisces and scorpio celebrity couples
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal (Scorpio) and Peter Sarsgaard (Pisces) ❤️ – the couple began dating in 2002. After four years of relationship, they decided they were ready to move on and got engaged, and in 2009 they got married in Italy. In the marriage, the partners had two daughters together. We wish their family many happy years.
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