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Cancer man and Sagittarius woman: Celebrity Couples and Compatibility

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The Cancer man and the Sagittarius woman belong to two different elements: water and fire. Sagittarius woman is a very temperamental, freedom-loving, strong, sociable, purposeful, and bright personality. She easily gets to know people, makes contact, and attracts with her energy. A lady is looking for a partner equal to herself, which is not easy as she is powerful in spirit. Cancer man, on the contrary, is looking for a woman who will lead him. He is timid, and in the new company, he does not feel at ease.

Partners speak different languages ​​of love. Sagittarius openly shows her emotions, speaks of desires, and will not remain silent about her partner’s shortcomings. Cancer acts cautiously, probes the waters before taking a step, is quiet about his emotions, and is restrained. He will try to match his partner but quickly get tired of it. Couples of these zodiac signs usually decide not to continue this struggle of contradictions. Still, some of them go to the end.

It will be possible to build relationships with powerful feelings. In this case, there should be sufficient wisdom, mutual understanding, the ability to make compromises, feel and understand the partner’s needs, not press on them and be able to close their eyes to the partner’s faults.

Sagittarius woman + Cancer man famous couples

Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski ❤️

famous cancer sagittarius couples
Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski

Amanda is Sagittarius, and Thomas is Cancer. The two met on Broadway in 2015 when both were in relationships. Their next meeting was on The Last Word set in 2016, and the same year they got engaged. They tied the knot secretly in 2017 when Amanda was nine months pregnant. In 2020 the couple welcomed their second child. Both partners show how they appreciate each other and their family values. The two went serious after only six months of dating.

Josh Hartnett and Tamsin Egerton ❤️

cancer and sagittarius famous couples
Josh Hartnett and Tamsin Egerton

Josh is Cancer, and Tamsin is Sagittarius. The couple met on The Lovers set in 2011, and the next year started their relationship. The two have two children. They did their best to keep the relationship private and did not announce their children’s birth but they were seen by the paparazzi. They are not married. Josh says that being parents have changed his life and priorities a lot, but it is worth it.

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes 💔

famous couples sagittarius and cancer
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Tom is Cancer, and Katie is Sagittarius. Only after a month after Katie’s separation from Chris Klein, she and Tom Cruise for the first time appeared as a couple in public in 2005. After a couple of months of dating, the two announced their engagement. Their relationship developed rapidly, shocking the public with every statement. So in the fall of 2005, the couple was already expecting a baby. They got married a year later in Italy.

Their relationship seemed like a fairy tale, both praising their partner in interviews. However, in 2012, Tom was spotted at his film’s premiere without his family by his side. The audience froze in expectation, and in the same year, Holmes filed for divorce. Cruise did not expect such news at all. It took the couple only 11 days to come to terms with custody.

Tom Hanks and Samantha Lewes 💔

sagittarius and cancer celebrity couples
Tom Hanks and Samantha Lewes

Tom is Cancer, and Samantha was Sagittarius. The couple had known each other since high school and began dating in college. They got married in 1978 when Tom was only 21 years old, and their son was born in late 1977. Their daughter was born almost 5 years later.

Since they were very young, they had to deal with the lack of money. Tom notes that early marriage positively impacted his lifestyle, as he did not use drugs, alcohol and went to bed early. However, this mode is also annoying. As the reason for his marriage, he considers loneliness. The couple divorced in 1987, and the very next year, he married his current wife – Rita Wilson.

Emily Mortimer and Alessandro Nivola ❤️

celebrity sagittarius cancer couples
Emily Mortimer and Alessandro Nivola

Emily is Sagittarius, and Alessandro is Cancer. The couple met on the set of Love’s Labour’s Lost in 2000. They are inseparable together since their first date and are married since 2003. They have two children, and their parents seem to be amused by both since they are different but intelligent. The couple lives their happy family life together and has a humorous attitude to life, which helps them deal with life issues.

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