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Leo man + Sagittarius woman Compatibility and Famous Couples

Sagittarius woman and Leo man compatibility level is pretty high and it is based on their common belonging to the element of fire. Fire signs of different sexes intuitively recognize a soul mate in each other. Their temperaments and life values coincide in many ways.

Their relationship is akin to a roller coaster – arguments and reconciliation, confessions and accusations. It is difficult at first – too much energy is given to the confrontation, but if both are ready to make concessions, then they have every chance to enjoy the advantages of the union: common values and loyalty.

Sagittarius and Leo conflicts are frequent and can last for a long time. It is difficult for them to yield to each other even in trifles – both consider this a manifestation of weakness. At first, such a love war engulfs but gradually begins to exhaust, cooling feelings. There comes a moment when the couple either moves to a new, peaceful level or breaks up.

Leo man and Sagittarius woman celebrity couples

Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas ❤️

famous leo man sagittarius woman couples

Christopher Nolan’s zodiac sign is Leo and his wife Emma is Sagittarius. They got married in 1997 and have four children! They are not just a successfull couple, Emma is Nolan’s producer since 1997 and as we can see they make a powerful and strong team.

Edward Norton and Shauna Robertson ❤️

celebrity leo and sagittarius couples

Edward is Leo and his wife is Sagittarius. There is not much that we know about their personal life, but what is what we do know: Edward and Shauna started dating in around 2005 and later around 2013 they got married. After their son Atlas was born, Edward Norton became proud husband AND father. Obviously, this relationship makes them both happy and contented.

Summer Phoenix and Casey Affleck 💔

famous leo sagittarius couples

Summer is Sagittarius and Casey is Leo. They were introduced to each other in late 1990’s by Joaquin Phoenix. They were dating since and were working together in few projects. In 2004 they got engaged and married in 2006. They have two sons. In 2015 they split and later divorced – apparently because of trust issues. They remain close friends and keep coparenting, Casey says they found a balance.

Other Leo and Sagittarius famous couples

  • Nipsey Hussle (Leo) and Lauren London (Sagittarius ) ❤️ – the couple met through social media when they signed off for work. They later began to communicate, and their friends believed that they would be the perfect couple. Their first face-to-face meeting became their first date, and the couple dated from 2013 to 2019, when Nipsey was shooted in his store. The couple had a child.

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