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Aquarius man + Aries woman Compatibility and Famous Couples

Aries woman and Aquarius man is an original combination with great potential. This tandem has good chances of prosperity in business, as well as in friendships and love affairs. Aquarius and Aries are cheerful, friendly, and they have a lot in common, which is why they are drawn to each other. When feelings arise between a man and a woman, it seems that the world and they themselves are ideal. So their compatibility is good.

However, after a while, the relationship may become complicated. If an Aquarius man marries an Aries woman, he will need to give the headship in the family to her. At the same time, the spouse will take the reins into their own hands unnoticed by others, so the man’s reputation will not suffer.

Aquarius and Aries celebrity couples

Christian Bale and Sibi Blazic ❤️

famous aries woman aquarius man couples

Christian Bale is Aquarius, and his wife Sibi Blazic is Aries. They have been married since 2000 and have two children. This couple is very private about their personal life, but we know that they are happy together and have mutual respect and admiration. We also know that Bale never wanted to marry until he met Sibi.

Julia Stiles and Preston J. Cook ❤️

famous aries and aquarius couples

Julia is Aries, and her husband, Preston, is Aquarius. He worked as a camera assistant on the set where Julia was filming in 2015. Later that year, they got engaged on Christmas Eve. In 2017 they welcomed their son. Till today they are happy together and keeping it that way.

Leona Lewis and Dennis Jauch ❤️

aries and aquarius celebrity couples

Leona is Aries, and Dennis is Aquarius. They had dated since 2010 when he was backing dancer on her tour. In 2018 they got engaged and wed in 2019. Leona says that her husband is her rock and support whatever happens in their lives.

Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler ❤️

celebrity aries woman aquarius man couples
Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler

Vivienne is Aries, and Andreas is Aquarius. The couple met in 1988 when he was studying at the Vienna School of Applied Arts, and she was a professor there. Vivienne immediately noted Andreas’ abilities, and in 1989 she invited him to work with her in London, to which he agreed and moved. Their collaboration created the first joint collection in 1991, and 2 years later, a successful marriage. The couple got married in 1993. Their acquaintance is already 30 years old, and when Andreas was asked about the secret of their long marriage, he answered “freedom and lack of expectations from a partner”.

Other Aries and Aquarius famous couples

  • Elizabeth Mitchell (Aries) and Chris Soldevilla (Aquarius) 💔 – there is no much information about this couple, but what we know is that they got married in 2004, have a son, and got divorced in 2013. They don’t talk about the reasons for that decision.
  • Liz Sheridan (Aries) and James Dean (Aquarius) 💔 – they dated for a year in 1952 when Dean wasn’t famous yet and parted ways when he hit it big. Liz even wrote a book about these relationships. Dean also had romantic relationships with Pier Angeli (a Gemini woman), but it didn’t work out too.
  • Shannen Doherty (Aries) and Rick Salomon (Aquarius) 💔 – they got married after two days of dating, and of course, it was too fast and ended in annulment. Shannen said later that “It was a tough marriage. When it ended, it was a heart-crushing thing.”
  • Arpad Busson (Aquarius) and Elle Macpherson (Aries) 💔  – the couple started dating in 1996. They had a long relationship in which they welcomed two sons. In 2002 the partners got engaged and lived as a family in London until they decided to split up in 2005. They never got married. The couple keeps in touch as parents and even celebrated Christmas in 2017.

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